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Real Estate Consulting Services


The Consulting Services Division provides a wide range of customized solutions for the problems and needs of property owners, tenants, financial institutions, attorneys, real estate and other professionals.

J.L. Krinsky & co. Consulting Services can assist with:


Feasibility and Financial Analysis.

  •  Financial projections

  •  Budgeting

  •  IRR, NPV and similar evaluation analyses

  •  Buy/Sell impact analyses

Financing Assistance

  •  Prepare property business plan

  •  Develop analyses of financing alternatives

  •  Coordinate all information, submissions and responses with financing team

  •  Obtain financing

Site Selection

  •  Prepare market feasibility studies

  •  Coordinate engineering, architectural and planning aspects

  •  Prepare marketing brochures

Analysis of Property Maintenance Plans and Designs

  •  Review construction drawings

  •  Recommend changes to operations and cost reduction

Obtaining Planning/Zoning Approvals/Variances

Analysis of Escalation and CAM Costs

  •  Review lease terms and requirements

  •  Collect property operating data

  •  Recalculate cost allocations

  •  Prepare report and recommendations


  •  Expert witness testimony and reports regarding property management procedures and liability

  •  Analysis of depositions in liability cases and other litigation to determine responsibility

  •  Advise on cases of financial receivership and of properties that are in default or ownership dispute.  Act as a representative to manage real estate.

  •  Provide analyses of property worth.


Pre-construction operational and maintenance reviews which entails reviewing engineering and architectural drawings and renderings to improve daily operations, identify potential and operational problems, and minimize operating and deferred maintenance costs.


Analysis of the financial performance of properties in real estate portfolios which includes analyses of financial statements to access compliance with debt service coverage requirement, and determine cash flow and other financial indicators needed for the early detection of potential non-performing loans.

Site visits and property inspections.  Assess physical condition, the need for improvements and preventive and other maintenance issues.

Financial receivership and/or total management of properties in default.  Act on behalf of receivers, trustees, fiduciaries and foreclosing institutions to manage real estate operations and conduct all financial transactions relate to the property.


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