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Here are a few words from the mouths of

J.L. Krinsky & co. Clients

Word-of-Mouth is the lifeblood of any professional service firm

"I retired and moved to the Southwest knowing full well that J.L. Krinsky & co. would look after my shopping center investment, keep me informed, include me in important decisions and send me monthly distributions.  I couldn't be more pleased."--- Arthur Horlick, Investor

"Our Condominium Association was self managing our office building.  We could not get rid of our many problems such as leaky roofs, unkept interior and exterior areas and a parking lot that was in major disrepair.  We hired J.L. Krinsky & co. to make these problems go away.  In a very brief period of time, our concerns were addressed and remedied and we are back to running our business instead of being property managers."--- Robert Friedman, Association President


"I opened my rent bill and was shocked to see a tremendous increase due to common area maintenance escalations.  It seemed way too much but I didn't know what to do.  I asked someone from J.L. Krinsky & co. to review our situation and within 48 hours he found a major error in our Landlord's data and calculations.  As a result of their efforts, we were able to reduce the increase by more than 90%."---Hugh Miller, Business Owner

"Our office building complex was not being maintained.  Our Condominium Association Board had not met in years.  We hired J.L. Krinsky & co. to deal with the daily problems and to help us plan for the property's future needs.  We now have a well-run operation, have gone through two renovation programs and the individual units have increased in value.  We got what we wanted and what we needed."---Jonathan Heilbrunn, Esq.

We use J.L. Krinsky & co. to assist us, annually, in the financial analysis of our real estate loan portfolio in order to better meet mandated Bank reporting and compliance requirements.  Since we started using this firm, we get complete, accurate and compliant reports and our loan officers can concentrate on doing what they do best, working with our clients and generating new loans."---Eric Hokenberg, Vice President, Real Estate Loans

"Our previous management company was not taking care of our building, bills were not being paid, the building was run down, reports were nonexistent.  We hired J.L. Krinsky & co. to turn around the situation and get us back on track.  Within 60 days, we worked out all issues with our vendors, received monthly management and financial reports and the building was put back into a  proper and clean condition."---Michael Schmierer, D.P.M.

"As owner of numerous properties, I have to demand a lot of my property managers.  They not only have to be responsive to my tenants' needs by solving their daily problems in a timely and cost efficient manner, but they have to meet my additional requirements by being well informed about operations, leasing and maintenance issues; providing me with clear and concise financial and operations reports; and being able to plan for future property requirements.  With J.L. Krinsky & co., I know that my demands and needs will be met with professionalism and integrity."---David Rudd, ESQ.


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