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About Our Founder,

Joel L. Krinsky


 Unlike many others in this field, Joel Krinsky can boast of a background that extends far beyond the boundaries of traditional real estate management and consulting.  This distinctive background gives him the capabilities to solve your existing problems, along with the foresight to implement those measures necessary to protect your properties' financial future.

His unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience includes an Engineering Degree, a Masters Degree in Business Systems, and a New Jersey real estate license.  Mr. Krinsky's extensive background in executive Real Estate and Public Accounting positions have made him a proficient real estate planner, financial and operations manager and creator of feasibility studies and business plans.  As an authority in general business operations, he is also skillful at raising capital.  So adept is Joel in all of these areas, that he is often called upon as a expert witness in litigation, as well as a consultant on complex real estate and business matters.  Large banks retain him on a regular basis to analyze loan portfolios, perform site surveys and turn around their distressed properties.

Mr. Krinsky has been a speaker at numerous real estate and business symposia and has authored articles in both real estate and business periodicals.

He has an unerring ability to make the complex comprehensible and the confusing clear.



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