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Real Estate Management Services

The quality of the day-to-day management of your property can help assure the creation of equity and income in virtually any market environment...or result in severe difficulties and stress.

That is why J.L. Krinsky & co. is sought after as a manager of real estate.  While managers can provide some of the services listed below, few can provide such a wide range of experience and fewer do so with the professionalism and integrity of J.L. Krinsky & co.


We offer the following real estate services:

Supervise and control the maintenance of the building(s) and parking lot.

Negotiate and implement service contracts for:

  •  Snow removal

  •  Parking lot maintenance

  •  Interior and exterior maintenance

  •  Garbage removal

  •  Security systems

  •  Lawn and shrub maintenance

  •  Mechanical, electrical, HVAC and other systems

Provide routine maintenance checks of the property in such areas as:

  •  Lighting

  •  Signage

  •  Common area general appearance

  •  Deferred maintenance

  •  Illegally parked cars

  •  Fire hazards in common areas

Obtain insurance policies for the property in the following areas: fire, public liability, property damage, supplementary, other.

Advertising and Promotions:

  •  Develop opening day celebrations

  •  Work with advertising and public relations firms and with tenants to develop special  cooperative promotions.

  •  Provide suggestions to occupants for specific store promotions as appropriate.

Finance and Accounting:

Utilize state-of-the-art computer systems to:

  •  Maintain all books and records of property

  •  Prepare, for review and approval, the property's annual operating budget

  •  Provide information to accountants for preparation of year-end financial statements and tax returns

  •  Bill tenants and collect rents, charges, special assessments, etc.

  •  Collect amounts in arrears and initiate legal proceedings where appropriate

  •  Pro-rate and bill tenants for taxes, insurance and similar charges and escalation costs

  •  Pay invoices for property operations, materials, supplies, payroll, etc.

  •  Pay charges for service contracts, utilities, taxes, insurance and permits

Leasing and Related Activities:

Assist owner in leasing and re-leasing a property including:

  •  Provide current market data describing competitive properties

  •  Advertise and publicize vacant space through selected media and work with brokers and owners as appropriate

  •  Negotiate lease renewals, together with the property's attorney and its owners

  •  Work with defaults, desertions, seizures etc. in close coordination with appropriate  professionals

  •  Maintain records and schedules describing tenant activities and operations

Planning and Evaluation:

  •  Develop, monitor and re-evaluate long range plans to meet owner's investment objectives

  •  Identify financial opportunities for ownership

  •  Prepare feasibility and financial analyses

  •  Assist in obtaining planning/zoning approvals/variances


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